Kernu manor is an idyllic place to celebrate one of the most important days in life.  The romantic atmosphere of the old manor house, the manor park with a 230-year-old oak, and the professional and discrete service ensures the right pace and mood for the party. Even without bigger decorations, our halls are presentable enough for both the official ceremony and the wedding ceremony. Our chef’s wedding menu has only received praiseworthy ratings. The manor house features beautiful suites for the newlyweds, in-laws, relatives, and even good friends will be accommodated. If the weather is nice, the party can start at the summer terrace, however, in worse case, the manors spacious festivity halls are perfectly suitable for the celebration. An old-fashioned stone barn gives the festivities a down to earth atmosphere. To ensure privacy, we are ready to offer an exclusive reservation for the entire manor complex.

The wedding ceremony can be performed in the Kernu manor, both indoor and outdoor. The most popular choices for the ceremony are the manor park’s summer terrace, the lake shore in front of the manor, or the boat bridge and the old stone barn.

For those who wish to have an ecclesiastical ceremony, there are two romantic country churches nearby – Hageri and Laitse.

THE RECEPTION It has become a pleasant tradition at the wedding parties in Kernu manor to greet the newlyweds with a glass of Champagne, seasonal choice of fruits and light snacks. The sound of clinging glasses is suitable in case the ceremony took place in the manor, as well as when already arriving as newlyweds. Our staff will be happy to ensure that every guest will get a glass for toasting and a light snack for appetite. The manors festivity halls, summer terrace by the park, old stone barn, apple tree garden and the rooms on the second floor of the manor with scenic views are well-suited for the reception of the guests. The reception of the guests and bridal couple’s greetings or congratulations are also an appropriate time for the wedding photographer to capture the entire wedding party. In case of special requests, we are always glad to help with their successful execution.
CATERING A wedding party with an appropriate choice of drinks is an important component of the party’s success.We are confident that our chef will be able to put together a menu that meets the expectations of even the most demanding guests. In our recommendations, we will be guided by the festivity of the day, but above all, we will consider your wishes. The degustation of an interesting wedding menu has become a good tradition. This ensures the best selection is made and you can be confident that you and your guests will enjoy the rich and delicious dishes upon arrival at the wedding party. We have a good cooperation with the major alcohol suppliers in the country, and of course, your taste and preferences determine the choice. In cooperation with our partners, we can always ensure the preferred choice of drinks for your celebration.

THE HOTEL The hotel complex of Kernu manor includes a hotel with 5 suites and 11 rooms, and a barn building with 13 rooms. In total, it’s possible to accommodate up to 90 people.
BALLROOM (max 96 guests)

The Ballroom is our biggest and most festive venue. The hall’s dimensions are 12,2 m x 6,5 m, the total area is 80 m2. The walls of the halls have been decorated with yellow silk wallpaper, there is a cornice and 2 large chandeliers in the ceiling. Here we also exhibit the vaults built with the limestone from the nearby Mõnuste quarry.