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Or contact us for booking. The spa's opening hours are Thursday - Sunday, from 10am to 9pm

Keller SPA offers for warmth lovers 90C finnish sauna, 45C steam & aromatic sauna, two pools with massage functions and a soft 70C sauna for just women.

The Kernu Keller SPA invites you to a magical underground journey of bliss that introduces the bathing traditions of the Baltic Germans and connects them to other spa cultures of the world…

You start by leaving the everyday noise and sensory overload behind in the minimalistic main pool with the ambiance of a dark cave, inspired by the volcanic sand baths of Ibusuki beach and its suna-mushi traditions. Floating under the zen sounds of our waterfall, you let go of both gravity and your everyday worries and begin a calming transformation of mind and body.

You emerge from a cave to the greenery. Our next space combines the leafy jungles of Bali in the tropical lounge area with mossy Finnish fairy forest, complete with a cottage sauna for maximum cozy hygge. As the heat from the sauna soothes your spirit and heals any aches and pains in your body, your mind can experience the tradition of shirin-yoku or forest bathing, as the trees of the manor park and the countryside around us are visible through the windows from the sauna in the summer.

But as the seasons change from summer to winter outside the windows, so do heat and cold in the bathing traditions, as you proceed to the freezing bucket shower, reminiscent of jumping into an icy lake, that energizes and refreshes as it shocks your entire system.

And the grey mist of the forest sauna gives way to the steam of the Turkish baths, inspired by the white domes of Pamukkale, from which you can experience our unique snow therapy in winter, as you stare at the falling flakes and let your mind go blank as you restore your inner peace. You can also imagine yourself amongst white mountain peaks as you relax in the private Himalayan salt cave accessible from this area, and emerge purified like the snow.

After all the cleansing procedures, you deserve a final destination of respite and pampering, as you luxuriate in our Tahitian tub or bask on the heated settees inspired by Samoan sands. This area reveals a more glamorous you that was hidden under the stress all along and is best complemented by a glass of champagne, which you can currently order upon arrival, but which will soon be available at the touch of a button.

You can repeat the journey as many times as needed to rejuvenate and recalibrate your mind and body. But as you achieve total tranquility, it is time to move on. And replenish yourself with a nourishing meal from our restaurant, before you fall into the deepest sleep you’ve ever had, renewed.

Keller SPA services are offered only through prebookings and preferably with accommodation. Choose the dates for your stay and make your reservation or contact us:
+372 511 2424 /

With the help from European Union, European Regional Development  Fund and EAS (Enterprise Estonia) Kernu Manor opened a private and unique Keller Spa in  the end of 2021.